Bee Pollen by Luke Whearty

Bee Pollen by Luke Whearty found at The Pouring Tales

60 cl Rye
60 cl Bourbon
20 cl Gomme
60g Bee Pollen
1 cl Abbotts
1 cl Angostura

Combine all ingredients and vacuum seal in vacuum bag.
‘Cook’ Sous Vide for 4 hours @ 45 degrees celcius.
Once ‘cooked’ strain through fine muslin cloth, and bottle for service.

Glassware: Low cut glass
Ice: Blocked
Garnish: Chocolate Thyme Twig

Chocolate Thyme Twigs

Dehydrated Thyme
Dark Chocolate
Lemon Charcoal
Bee Pollen

Dehydrate Thyme in dehydrator overnight.
Melt down dark chocolate and dip individual thyme stems.
Wipe excess chocolate off and dust with lemon charcoal and bee pollen.
Place in freezer for service.

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