Smokey Rob Roy by Sven Almenning

Smokey Rob Roy by Sven Almenning found at The Pouring Tales

This drink has undergone a few small changes over the years and whilst the recipe remains the same, the presentation has changed dramatically

2.5 cl Talisker 10 yo single malt whisky
1.5 cl Lagavulin 16 yo single malt whisky
1 cl Cigarinfused RonZacapa 23
2.5 cl House blend sweet vermouth

Glassware: Small coupette or fancy cocktail
Garnish: Bourbon soaked cherry

Due to the popularity of this drink – it is the #1 selling whisky cocktail at Eau De Vie – and one of the top five selling drinks in both Melbourne and Sydney, The Smokey Rob Roy is now always pre-batched. This means, all of the above ingredients are combined and stirred down with ice before being strained into small round glass bottles that then corked are stored in the fridge.

When ordered, a chilled glass is brought out from the fridge and placed next to a chopping board. The chopping board is then torched and the glass is placed upside down over the burning and smoking wood. Next the pre-made cocktail is brough out from the fridge and topped with a small dash of liquid nitrogen This then starts to smoke creating great theatre for the guests as well as spreading the smokey and sweet aroma of the cocktail across the bar.

The drink is poured at the table where the glass is upended to allow the smoke to escape, before the drink is then poured in and finished with a light spray of ardbeg mist over the top and finally a bourbon soaked cherry for garnish.

Image: ©Oscar Colman

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