Punch 63 by Pascal Kählin

Punch 63 by Pascal Kählin found at The Pouring Tales

The Punch 63 is classic Punch variant. A Tiki drink always has a bit of mystery in there, therefore the exact recipe is not reveiled but it certainly gives ideass to play around.

1 Part sweet (Sugar syrup & Orgeat)
3 Parts sour (Lime juice)
4 parts strong (Ed’s Rum 63%, Bar 63’s own blend from Trinidad, Guyana and Martinique grand arôme Rhum)
You can substitute that part with Rums of your choice.
6 Parts weak (Ginger Beer)
Angostura & freshly grounded nutmeg

Shake (without Ginger Beer)
Serve in a classic Tikimug
Decorate as you like

Image: ©Anni Katrin Elmer

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