Patriota by Laura Marnich

Patriota by Laura Marnich found at The Pouring Tales 1

2 bar spoons Castor sugar (stirred with a drop of coffee = 0.5 cl)
2 cl Coffee
1 cl Fernet Barnca Menta,
1 cl Mozart Gold chocolate cream
4.5 cl Bacardi Carta Blanca

Shaken and fine strained
Glassware: Martini style
Garnish: Mint sprig

Originally the cocktail is made with “café Cubano” prepared as per tradition with Italian Moka coffee pot and a dark coffee roast (I am using an Italian one which is 70% Robusta and 30% Arabica)

Ideally a paste of castor sugar and few drops of coffee has is made, secondly the rest of the coffee is added to create a light brown foam layer (they call it “espumita”) that will be present atop the coffee which is the sugar coming back up.

(COFFEE ALTERNATIVE: 2.5 cl espresso and 1 cl rich sugar syrup)


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