Hot & Cold by Luke Whearty

Hot & Cold by Luke Whearty found at The Pouring Tales

3 cl Lavender & Pineapple Tequila
2 cl Agave nectar
3 x fresh pineapple wedges
2 x fresh lime wedges

Muddle pineapple and lime in the bottom of shaker
Add all other ingredients.

Shake with blocked ice and double strain.
Glassware: Tumbler
Ice: Blocked
Garnish: Hot white choc & coconut foam

White Chocolate/Coconut Foam
400 ml Coconut cream
500 g White chocolate

Combine all ingredients and melt using micro wave.
Transfer to siphon and charge w 2 cream bulbs.
Keep in thermo bath @ 60 degrees.
Refrigerate at end of service.

Lavender & Pineapple infusion
10 grams Dried Lavender
½ Fresh Pineapple
1L Blanco Tequila
Sous vide for 4 hours @ 45 degrees.

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