Applebush by Luke Whearty

Applebush by Luke Whearty found at The Pouring Tales

8 cl Red Apple Juice
4 cl Apple Brandy
25 g Apple Bush Tea

Heat Red Apple Juice and Apple brandy on induction to 80 degrees celcius.
Pour slowly over apple bush tea and serve to guest.

Glassware: Small vacuum glass, pouring glass, ceramic strainer.
Method: Heated
Ice: N/A
Garnish: Apple bush tea & Wooden tea board

Apple Brandy
150g Dehydrated Green Apple
700 ml Brandy

‘Cook’ Sous Vide for 4 hours @ 45 degrees celcius.
Once ‘cooked’ strain and bottle for service.

Apple Bush Tea
100g Rooibos Tea
100g Black Glutinous Rice
25g Star Anise
10g Dried Lemon zest
25g Dehydrated Otome Apples

“Forget me not” flowers to colour

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