Indian Tear by Benjamin F. Cavagna

Indian Tear by Benjamin F. Cavagna found at The Pouring Tales

Indian tear: A tribute to Sri Lanka and to Nish, who works at 1930 and hosted the team when on a visit to Sri Lanka. Variation of a Tiki cocktail (The Fog Cutter).

3 cl Johnny Walker Black
3 cl Cognac
1.5 cl Kirsch
1.5 cl Sarsaparilla Syrup
3 cl Guanabana Sherbet
3 Drops Chocolate Bitter
2 Dashes Angostura Bitter

Method: Thrown

Glassware: Tiki Mug

Sub recipe for the sherbet:

A maceration of different citrus fruit peels to extract the essential oils and sugar in order to produce the oleo saccharum. Later the guanabana extract is added. The rest is a secret of 1930 bar.

Image: Gianliuca Crivellin

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